A Monday Minute – Best Warm Gloves Ever!

Warm Gloves

As part of my being kinder to the planet aim, I have decided to try and be more conscious about what I buy.

I want to buy things that will last rather than wear out and need to be replaced. And I also probably need to kick my Zara habit into touch a bit too…

A Warm Glove These Days is Hard To Find…

This Christmas I asked my husband for some new, warm gloves. I wanted ones that would look nice with my smart coats (as opposed to wearing my ski gloves which make me look like I have gorilla hands).  And I wanted them to be REALLY warm gloves.  I don’t tend to feel that cold that much, so when it comes time to put on some gloves it’s usually very cold. I have had a fair few pairs in recent years, and none of them have been much good.Hestia Gloves

These are the ones I was very lucky to receive and I love them. They aren’t cheap, but I am planning on keeping these for years and years and they are super warm gloves. There are lots of options and colours on their website, but I like the classic look of these…my kids call them my ‘murderer gloves’. Hmm. Not quite the look I was after, but what do they know, eh?!

Hestra – 80 Years of Glove Making

I had never heard of Hestra, but my husband already had his eye on some ski gloves from there. They are a small family owned company based in Sweden and they have been making gloves for over eighty years.  The products are made to high standards using traditional practices and are finished by hand in the company’s workshop in Hungary.

Ski Gloves

As lots of people are about to embark on skiing holidays soon, I had to mention this; when we in Austria I discovered that literally ALL the instructors wore Hestra gloves. My instructor had bought his in 2004 and they still looked great. The fabric ski gloves I had had for only two years had already torn in several places.

So if you are about to go skiing then I would definitely check these out. Yes, they are a bit pricey – but they will last. And no, I am not a person who thinks that expensive always equals better…but in this case I really think it’s the case. There are so few small, family owned businesses left that produce products in a traditional way…and it’s nice to support that, isn’t it?

I will probably stick with my torn gloves for another year or so, but if I were to buy some new ones, these would be my choice….

Hestia Gloves

I am not affiliated in any way with this brand, I just think the products are great. The Amazon links on my blog, however, are affiliate link, which means if a purchase is made via the link, I will make a tiny amount of money.

4 Replies to “A Monday Minute – Best Warm Gloves Ever!”

  1. We are off skiing at Easter and this year will have to stick with our Decathlon budget gloves but I am total agreement with you that I have reached a stage where I want to make clever purchases instead of numerous purchases- except for sunglasses. Expensive sunglasses always seem to jump onto my seat to be sat on, or leap out the car door whereas my cheap ones stick around forever- why is that?

    1. makingherehome says: Reply

      Yes TOTALLY agree on sunglasses…the cheap ones never get sat on or lost! I think it’s about choosing where to invest – things that you will have for a long time and won’t go out of fashion are the things I will spend more money on. Although annoyingly the brand new ski gloves I bought for A got lost this weekend…she has lost a pair every single year…and yet she still has the cheapo Aldi pair I bought 3 years ago! They’re ok unless they get wet…which is not the best for skiing! X

  2. We bought Hestra ski gloves by accident on our first ski trip to Austria, 4years ago. It was end of season and they were in the sale. Still really pricey in the sale as I recall about £60! I got mittens and I love them, always keep my hands nice and cosy. ?

    1. makingherehome says: Reply

      They are great aren’t they? I always get ski stuff in the sale…especially for the kids!

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