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  • Florence with Kids – Travel Tips

    Florence Making Here Home Expat Travel

    Florence. Capital of Tuscany, cradle of the Renaissance, ‘City of Art’. It’s romantic, it’s beautiful and it’s brimming with culture. But Florence with kids? Absolutely! Florence with Kids Florence is an easy city to walk around and there are tons of places to eat which is great when you have children who are constantly hungry! Like […]

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  • S’Lovely Slovenia

    Image of Lake Bled island

    Slovenia was another last-minute holiday for us and it couldn’t have worked out better if I had planned it! The kids had two weeks off over Easter (seriously it feels like they are always on holiday…) and we wanted to make the most of it. But we just didn’t get our act together and suddenly school had […]

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  • Brief Encounters

    FIGT Binnenhof

    Last week I went to the Netherlands. Without my children. To a conference. It was the annual FIGT  (Families in Global Transition) Conference, which I found out about on Instagram, digital guru that I am (not). With no kids. Did I mention that bit already?! The FIGT conference was for three days but, not knowing anything […]

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  • Getting Lippy

    woman with lipstick on

    The good news? January is over. The not so good news? It still feels like January. Cold and grey. I’m bored of wearing jumpers, having to wrap up warm every time I go outside. Why do we call it the January blues? I don’t feel blue. I feel grey. And not 50 shades of. Just dull, […]