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    FIGT Binnenhof

    Last week I went to the Netherlands. Without my children. To a conference. It was the annual FIGT  (Families in Global Transition) Conference, which I found out about on Instagram, digital guru that I am (not). With no kids. Did I mention that bit already?! The FIGT conference was for three days but, not knowing anything […]

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  • Getting Lippy

    woman with lipstick on

    The good news? January is over. The not so good news? It still feels like January. Cold and grey. I’m bored of wearing jumpers, having to wrap up warm every time I go outside. Why do we call it the January blues? I don’t feel blue. I feel grey. And not 50 shades of. Just dull, […]

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  • Someone’s Wife…

    Expat Wife Gustav Klimt's The Kiss in a jigsaw puzzle

    I read an article yesterday, which talked about how Frida Kahlo was described as the  ‘Wife of Master Mural Painter’. The point of the article was that if someone as legendary as Kahlo was described in terms of being ‘someone’s wife’,  and yet went on to leave a legacy that surpassed her husband’s, then there’s […]