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    Expat Resources

    When we moved the first time the word ‘expat’ was new to me. I didn’t even think about whether there would be expat resources available. I read one book – from the relocation company – about all the reasons expat assignments fail. Basically it’s because of the TRAILING SPOUSE…yep, another term I wasn’t really familiar […]

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    FIGT Binnenhof

    Last week I went to the Netherlands. Without my children. To a conference. It was the annual FIGT  (Families in Global Transition) Conference, which I found out about on Instagram, digital guru that I am (not). With no kids. Did I mention that bit already?! The FIGT conference was for three days but, not knowing anything […]

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  • Moving schools mid-year?

    Coloured pencils in a circle, moving schools mid-year

    Moving schools is always hard. Moving schools mid-year is even harder. We moved our daughter half way through a term when we moved to Bangkok. My advice based on this? Avoid it if you can. And in an ideal world, we would avoid it. Every move would be timed to coincide with the start of […]

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  • Getting Lippy

    woman with lipstick on

    The good news? January is over. The not so good news? It still feels like January. Cold and grey. I’m bored of wearing jumpers, having to wrap up warm every time I go outside. Why do we call it the January blues? I don’t feel blue. I feel grey. And not 50 shades of. Just dull, […]

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  • Happy New Year and a Great Big Thank You!

    Happy New Year - Frosty tree

    Happy New Year!! And now I start at least two months of writing this: 2 0 1 6  7. Or, as I did yesterday, forget a whole decade and write ‘2007’. 2007. How can that possibly be ten years ago??!! But nope, it’s definitely 2017. And has a new year ever been more welcome? I can’t believe anyone would be sad to […]

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  • Home for Christmas?

    Christmas tree, decorated

    Are you going home for Christmas? The longer we have lived away, the more complicated the ‘home’ question has become but, for my family, going home for Christmas means going back to parents’ house. When I lived in England, the Christmas chat would be around where you were going to have Christmas dinner – and the tensions […]